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RE: [IP] MM 508


My disctict manager told me that the new batteries MiniMed is selling are 
made by Rayovac and are medical quality. They are being manufactured 
specifically for the 508 and one other medical device made by some other 
company. They will not be available in stores.

The reason for a change in batteries is to fill the requirements of the new 
vibrate mode, the stronger backlite and to offer pump users a "significant" 
increase in the overall life of their batteries.

You are right that the battery life does depend on how much you use the 
backlite and press the buttons, but these new batteries are supposed to 
compensate for more use of the many new features of the 508.


>From: "Randall Winchester" <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted, email @ redacted
>Subject: RE:  [IP] MM 508
>Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 12:57:23 +0000
>On 16 Nov 99 at 22:26, email @ redacted wrote:
> > >Batteries - the ones they sell are stronger than the
> > >ones we can buy in the local stores.  But we can use the
> > >local ones if we need last minute replacements.
> >
> > OK -- all you engineer types out there -- is this possible??? I thought 
> > batteries were batteries.  Could MM batteries be "stronger"?? are they 
> > differently than those I buy at the local discount drug store - 
>Marc's??? What
> > is the shelf life of these batteries??? AND LASTLY -- who actually
> > manufacturers these batteries for MiniMed???? I've seen no difference in 
> > length of time they last for Andrea.  One of the reasons we went with MM 
> > the relative low cost of the batteries (@$.99). HMMMMM - sounds a little 
> > to me, but then I'm naturally skeptical.
>I think the 508 uses a different battery and I don't know if it is a 
>battery or a "special application" battery that isn't generally available 
>drug stores and department stores.
>The 507/507c uses the Eveready 357 batteries, so the batteries are made by 
>same company (other companies have a 357 equivalent), but to tighter 
>control standards.   Sometimes the battery company will tell you that they 
>made to "medical device" standards instead of "consumer standards" - and 
>the next time you call they will be ignorant of all standards...  Batteries 
>be purchased at several "quality levels" - from "medical" all the way down 
>"consumer" with intermediate levels of "commercial" and "electronics"...  I
>think that it basically means that the batteries that test out more
>consistently get the higher rating (and cost!) while the consumer gets the
>"lowest" quality batteries.  Since this testing is done at the production 
>what it really means is that the "medical" batteries have one consistent 
>of performance while the "consumer" batteries have more variability - one
>battery may perform as well as a higher rated battery but the next may 
>Shelf life is also a factor, since MiniMed demands fresher batteries while 
>WalMart battery may have been hanging on the rack for a year or more if 
>isn't a big demand for that battery and new ones just get stuck in front of 
>when they restock...
>This is definitely a YMWV issue, because there are too many factors that 
>affect battery performance... including how much insulin is taken, how much 
>use the backlight and alarm and how often you play with the buttons...  but 
>the $.99 batteries are working well for you that's a bonus.
>Randall P. Winchester
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