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[IP] Kids Don't Try this At Home

Old Time Thrills-
In 1972 I got the notion to hitch hike through Europe. No meters, glass 
syringe and all.  I had my Clinitest kit and my glass syringe was in kept in 
some kind of metal case with a stopper on the end - I filled the case with 
alcohol and was off.

I figured I'd be okay for a few MONTHS! My heart races when I think about 
this now.  I had gone to Mexico in 1967 as a member of an all girl crew 
(escort boat from the Newport to Manzanilla yacht race) but at least then I 
had a kitchen - okay a galley- to boil my syringe in.
I was gone 3 months and lived to tell about it, so backpacking thru
Europe seemed possible.  Even then I was head strong about not letting 
diabetes get in the way of my life - even if it killed me, I guess.

In 1973 I decided to hitch hike thru Guatemala.  I remember having insulin 
air dropped into Tikal  in the middle of the jungle. Sanitary facilities 
made gas station restrooms look clean.  In fact in the jungle a rest room 
would've been a luxury.  I can remember looking for those huge 26 Gauge 
needles in the pharmacy (easy to get without a prescription in Mexico!) and 
filing off the nobs (whatever you call them -burrs maybe?) with a purloined 
emery board from a beauty parlor ??  I took whatever kind of insulin I could 
get.  That was back in the U40 U80 days and I quickly learned I could figure 
out how to adjust the amounts when there was nary an endo for miles.  It 
made me a sassy "non-compliant" diabetic for a lot of doctors later.

Every time my pump or meter malfunctions now, I try to recall how remarkable 
my body is and how strong my will to get through anything.
Micro-management may be a great course of action for some who have the time 
and desire,  and maybe even for me AT TIMES.  But not all the time.  Not 
even most of it.  I am a person first who HAS diabetes - it doesn't have me 
(at least not yet!)

Off the soap box. (But will undoubtedly get back on later <g>.

I'm sure I've trotted this story out before - mainly because I always am 
amazed that the central character was Moi!  In retrospect I don't know how I 
managed this- really- just goes to show you how resourceful insulin 
dependent diabetics can be - even WAY back then.
Dianne - 34 3/4 years T 1

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