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Re: [IP] book about diabetic girl

I have read Needles (it is a very good book about diabetes) and my opinion 
about that comment is that she had heaps of other things going on in her 
life, and her diabetes was way down low on her list of priorities. She had 
watched her sister who also had diabetes - who also did not look after 
herself, and I think that she took on a lot of the same habits until she was 
One of the girls in my support group here in Melbourne, Australia) has 
contacted Andie Dominic (the author) and Andie and her husband have adopted 
two children, I think, which is really great (which will only make sense if 
you know how the story ends).
We have things much easier these days, but I guess for me, it is mainly 
priorities. But I think any 12 year old is going to struggle, regardless of 
illness etc.
That's my opinion, and I hope I haven't offended anybody.

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