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Re: [IP] Clinitest!!!!-to Claudia

I was diagnosed in 1967 and all they told me was the guilt trip of all the 
complications.  It took me 6 years to conceive our first son and I KNOW it 
was because I was terrified of my kid or myself dying.  

This summer I have switched to the Minimed 507c pump, learned carb counting, 
started to take Vasotec to prevent kidney problems (this summer was first 
time I showed slight protein in my urine, not to the stage of a high creatine 
clearance number), and switched to Humalog from Velosulin.  I also have truly 
worked on my attitude about diabetes.  These are my new rules.

1. There are no Bad or Good blood sugars-just high or low sugars.  Let me get 
rid of that guilt trip beast.

2.  Do not be ashamed of what I ate or did not eat.  Document it and go on, 
after all I am only human.

3.  Keep up a good and consistent dialogue with your doctor and his staff.

4.  With having been diagnosed with diabetes in a backwards Midwestern town 
over 30 years ago, I should be proud of how heathly I am, and forge ahead 
with opimisim.

5.  Not everything bad that happens to me will be because of my diabetes.  

6.  And last but not least, the one I still stuggle with every day.  
Technology today has advanced to the point that as far as complications, such 
as the likelihood of my kidney damage progressing, discoveries like the 
effect ACE inhibitors have on the kidneys truly give us "OLDSTERS" hope.  

Frankly I am terrified not of dying but of losing my independance or being a 
burden on anyone.  I am currently working every day to remain upbeat.  
Positive thoughts and prayers are definitely appreciated.


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