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Re: [IP] You OLD-Schoolers

Clinitest...wow, I'm having flashbacks now!  How depressing to think that at 
the ripe old age of 22, I would be considered an "old-schooler!"  What I 
remember most vividly was the blood testing machines where you had to use the 
squirt bottle to get the blood off of the strip after a minute or so, then 
put the strip in the little door of the machine and it would give you a 
reading in another minute.  I've become spoiled with 20 second readings!!  I 
also remember that Nutrasweet was just becoming available about the time of 
my diagnosis (1982), so all that was available to drink was Tab (yuck) and 
lots of other stuff with saccharin (double yuck!)  Diet root beer was like a 
dream come true!! LOL  Kelly
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