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[IP] Bananas and high BS

Don't know if this is relevant to this particular post or not, but...
Before I started on the pump, I basically was living off bananas for
breakfast. I started to notice I was crashing every afternoon before lunch.
When I started to learn carb counting and was keeping charts in preparation
for the pump, my Dr. strongly advised me NOT to eat fruit without adding some
protein along with it. She explained that the fruit caused me to go high and
then crash because the sugar in fruit raises BS rapidly and then when it's
gone, IT'S GONE! I bring this up, because some have suggested to bolus extra
for the fruit, and I was concerned this might cause a sudden and unexpected BS
drop.  Since I avoid fruit alone now, I was wondering about this. This might
just be an individual type thing also, just my .02 cents worth. Denise 

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