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[IP] hypo's and dreams

Usually if I have a hypo during sleep, I either just have a run of the mill
nightmare, or just wake up. Well, the other day while napping, which was also
right after the big "kiss my diabetic a**", scenario, I dreamt, a lot of
people were yelling at me that type 1's didn't have hypos! Well after I
finally woke up, I was drenched with perspiration and obviously having a hypo.
I called out to my son 3 or 4 times as I felt too weak to go get food. When I
realized he couldn't hear me, I dragged myself to get it before I would be
found unconscious. I tested after I ate something and I was at 29!! The whole
time I was still unsure if what the people in the dream had told me was true
or not! Strange how the mind works sometimes! Or should I say, doesn't work!

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