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[IP] school & blood sugars

Lows being mistake for ADD has been the largest battle - Kap doesnt know he 
is low while sitting still in class - many many 40 lows
once he is back in control - i am sure he will know when he is getting low - 
he used to know at 70s - but with so many and the nph working so slowly he 
has lost that ability.  Our school has worked very hard with me - I guess the 
hardest thing to get across to everyone that does not deal w/ diabetes is No 
- a person with a low # will not necessarily go into seisures, passing out, 
extreme signs. Sometimes they are small little signs at least with Kap 
--inattention and fatigued -  not ADD and or lazy -  and this may vary from 
person to person.
I am learning so much about the pump - I am sure things will go well for us.  
One thing is for sure - I will have a list of questions for pump trainer- 
"What ifs"
Thanks for Listening
Darlene (mom to Kap) age 9

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