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[IP] batteries and keep the checks coming!!!

As for the batteries being "stronger" - yes, it is possible because I
believe they are actually a different battery with a different number - I'm
assuming the ones MM is talking about are a higher voltage...

Now for the good news..............

My insurance finally coughed up its first reimbursement check for
drugs/supplies.  I have $800 of outstanding claims..... and if I got one,
well thanks heavens hopefully the rest are on their way!!!  BCBS is
wonderful BUT I had quite a time getting that Pre-X exclusion cleared (my
first two letters from previous insurance were "unacceptable" - yeah go

Second good news - I am feeling a LOT better.  Blood sugars in range all
day - even did a mind baffling (because it was so complicated I was always
turning/stepping/tripping the wrong way) step aerobics class - going in at
102 (uncomfortable with, so tested often), halfway 105, endpoint 82 ! :)

As for Pat (question about square wave for breakfast) - my CDE suggested
starting with 1-2 hours... YMMV...

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