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[IP] Re: logbook

>I'm looking for a logbook that's small...so I can keep it in my purse or >daily planner, about the size of a checkbook... one that has the time of day >going across, and spaces going down for high bg bolus, food bolus, bg, and >carb count...also a big space somewhere on the page for comments so I can >write about work or excercise or ketones or whatever. 

Shane's pump from D. came with a logbook like what you are describing.
Just a bit bigger than a checkbook, 1 page per day, top half of the page
has the times across it and the columns for bolus, bg, etc. bottom half
of the page is just a big comments area. Our book lists it as "Insulin
Pump Therapy Record Book", part #1058, $1.  phone number to order:
Hope this helps,
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