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[IP] Clinitest!!!!

    I remember the Clinitest tablets, I THINK. I have always had a blood glucose monitor, but I do remember these vials and I had to add a tablet to them, and they would got hot and you wouldn't dare touch the bottom!!! I had a chart to compare it too also. I remember TRYING to trick my Mom, but it never worked. AND my Accu-check was HUGE! If I brought it anywhere to test my blood is was big and awkward.
    I know I sound whiny, but just like you guys from the REAL OLD school, it was hard on me too. I am sure glad though, I NEVER had to sterilize anything. I would have had a harder time adjusting. WOW, *Pat on the back* for that one.
     UGH! I am SURE glad those days are over!
    I would guess they stopped that in the late 80's?? (Clinitest) Right? I am only 26 years old, but it is amazing how technology and the KNOWLEDGE that has advanced. I remember being diagnosed in 1984 and all they said to my Mom and I was "Make sure her sugars ranges from 80-120 and that is it!! I was told how to eat and I was told how to take insulin, NEVER anything on complications. What a shame!! Okay I am done now. Thanks for listening.
*Smiles* Claudia