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[IP] RE: food warning and Zen

Sara! You're always brilliant, but this time even more so. After 35+ years
of diabetes, I agree: You CAN'T MAKE SENSE OF EVERYTHING, and there are days
when Cap'n Crunch spikes you and days when it don't and now I'm starting to
sound like Popeye...

When I got my pump, I also got a handout advising me and all pump users to
adopt a Zen approach to pumping: don't fret over individual numbers so much
as relax into it, look at trends, at waves, at longer-range feelings.
Diabetes will drive you insane if you try to manage it to the minute,
because it's a bully with a mind of its own and you'll never win.


Sara wrote:
 I have a lot more to do, than wonder about the granules
of sugar on the inside of my cereal, or whether the chocolate I licked off
finger was included in the initial bolus or if there were too many mini
marshmallows in that packet of Swiss Miss, or HORRORS maybe I should "X"
cap'n crunch off my list of foods cuz it causes an unpredictable spike in my
bg.  Shoot, if the spike is gonna happen - then it isn't unpredictalbe...it
is just the how much it is gonna spike that is the tough one.

Everyone is doing a great job..just don't forget to take time and LIVE every
once in a while!  and as always YMMV


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