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[IP] Winglucofacts XL - Software

we have the winglucofacts software for the Bayer Glucometer Elite XL
Software was $49.00 which included the data port.
We decided on the Elite xl - due to the small sample of blood needed for 
testing plus we could download the #s.
We have 2 meters, 1 for school and 1 for home/travel.
I still have to log carbs and insulin dosages to input into puter softerware. 
(Spend way to much time entering data.) Plus 2nd meter doesnt download until 
5th or 6th try - it keeps saying it doesnt support the type of meter. However 
usually the software starts to feel my tension and will down load after I 
have said a few choice words.  Tempermental machine.
We had the accua check - however we just didnt like the strips. But I did 
enjoy all the menus for insulin dosage, carbs and b/s reading.
Still searching for the perfect machine. - needing one that will just read my 
mind and down load info from it.  Now that would be Perfect.
(mom to Kap) age 9

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