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[IP] Flu shot and dog, but shot not for him!!

That subject may get attention, but I only want to combine the two separate
subjects in one email, sorry!
1.  My dog- Rusty Bones Man, a chocolate Labrador, is my life saver again.
He woke me up at 1:13 AM last evening, by coming to my bedside and just
laying his head there until he saw I was awake and reaching for my bg
monitor, then he went and laid back on his blankie and went to sleep.  My bg
was 38!!!  He got a special treat this morning.  This is not the first time
he has done this, he does it whenever I am low.  He gets all antsy if its
during the day, and cries and won't leave me alone.  At night he will come
lay his head on my side of the bed and wait for me to pet him and reach for
my machine to test.  He's saved my life more times than I care to count.
But he has gotten alot of sleep ever since I got my pump, I think this is
only the 2nd time he's had to work at night!  Lucky him, I am up every night
at 3 am to test.
2.  Flu shot- I got one the same day I drove to South Carolina, and other
than my arm hurting like heck for about 4 days, I was fine.  It was the
first ever flu shot I have ever had, and I will continue to get them, if its
this easy for me.  But remember YMMV, so I am only speaking for myself here.
I DID make the mistake of getting one of those  pneumonia shots about 5
years ago, and I'd be darned if I didn't get the flu!  But who knows, its
better than pneumonia.
Sorry so long, rambling on tonight as sugar is still just 60 after a high
today of only 94.  Yippee, Ben & Jerry, here I come!  <vbgfete>  (very big
grin from ear to ear!!)
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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