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Re: [IP] Insulin Resistance (?)

Sherry Webb Nolan wrote:
> My doses are still all up in the air and I think I am still on too much NPH,
> but since I am going on the pump in a few weeks they stopped trying to
> figure it out.
> I take a total of 23 units of NPH a day, and anywhere from 20-50u of H a day
> depending on how carb crazy I go. :) I have a 1:9 ratio at breakfast, 1:12
> ratio at lunch, and 1:10 at dinner.  Although I think the breakfast should
> be 1:10.  My diet is primarily carbs with some protein and a little fat.
> Not the 50/30/20 that is recommended more like 80/15/5.  Anyways...my weight
> is ~58kg so 1.0u KG would put me at 50u/day.  So in that sense I guess that
> would make me a little insulin resistant. Hopefully going on the pump will
> help with that some more.

A lot of people see their insulin doses go down when they go on the
pump! :)

And yeah, you may be on the insulin-resistant side of the spectrum --
just cause you're Type 1 doesn't mean you don't have the genes for
insulin-resistance, too. 1/4 of the population does!  On the other hand,
you're not WAY out of line -- some people DO require hundreds of units a

I firmly believe that goal number ONE is get your BGs under good control
-- and the amount of insulin required is GONNA vary among people. As
long as you're eating healthy and exercising, and your weight, blood
pressure and lipids are in a good place, there is no need to worry. If
you start having hypertension, hyperlipidemia or weight gain, then you
can treat them, but good BGs are the baseline!


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