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Re: [IP] School & Blood Sugar Swings

Interesting about the ADD.......at the beginning of this school year, when we 
had just been pumping about a month, the teachers told me they thought my son 
should be tested for ADD.  They filled out their assessments of him and I 
sent them to my pediatrician who said its "inconclusive" and thinks he should 
see a psychologist for further testing.  I don't know what to think.....he's 
12 and he's a boy, so that could account for some of his inattentiveness and 
distractiveness :-) but he's also a kid with diabetes on a pump......so how 
much is boy, how much is age, how much is diabetes, how much, if any, is ADD? 
 I just started reading a sort of biography about a woman growing up with 
diabetes and how it felt to her, and she said something I can't forget - 
something to the effect that she had to pay so much attention to the signals 
her body was giving her at all times, 24-7, that other things just went right 
over her head sometimes.  Too much to concentrate on.
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