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Re: [IP] Improving lifes- David-longish

I'm glad your feeling better too!  Matt has only been pumping 27 days and it 
feels as though he's had the pump forever!  I would never have Matt go back 
to MDI.  Me and Matt had an incident today i'd like to share.  He missed his 
school bus coming home today, i went to bus stop to pick him up today because 
it was cold, so when he didn't get off the bus i headed right to school to 
pick him up.  On my way my mind started crazy thinking, what if Matt was on 
the bus, but passed out in the back?  What if no one knows he's on the bus 
passed out etc.......school is only literally 3 blocks away. And i pull up in 
minutes go into office and there he sits, grinning.  So to the point, on the 
way home i say, i sure hope your kids don't have diabetes Matt, i wouldn't 
want your mind to play crazy games like mine does, and i then add, but if 
they would have diabetes we will be greatful that's all that is wrong, now 
keep in mind, this conversation in very lighthearted.  Matt replys "i hope i 
don't have any diabetic kids either, but i might, and if i do, i'm gonna buy 
him/her the pump right away!!!!! And then bring them to Grandma, because 
she'll no how to care for them!  He's a good kid, i'm so 
lucky.............Keep up the good work, and i'm glad so far so good with 
your new pump!

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