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[IP] carb ratio/high am BGs dilemma

Hi Ruth and Geneva ~

Joanne McMahon here - I have the same problem Geneva does and I'm 55 years 
young.  I also have the same basal rate (.5) and I know it's correct as if I 
don't eat all is just hunky-dory.  It really doesn't matter what I eat for 
breakfast, I spike over 300.  I don't mind this if I'm going to be running, 
but it's a nuisance otherwise.

I wasns't going to be pounding the pavement today so I decided to experiment. 
I tried a temp basal of .6 instead of .5 until noon and used a CHO ratio of 
13:1 instead of my usual 15:1.  At noon my basal returned to .4 which is 
normal for that time.  

My reading at noon was 193 - not too happy with that being that I ate at 9:07 
and I was 135 at that time.  (But, I'm usually lower at breakfast 105-126 or 
there abouts).  However at 1:50 pm I was 72.  I'm glad I made no corrections 
to that 193 - I was so tempted... 

I am very anxious to see other answers to your post. 

Hugs, Joanne Mc
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