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Re: [IP] weird dream

On 14 Nov 99 at 12:35, Julie Britt wrote:

> This kind of goes along with the thread about dreaming of low blood sugars...
> I woke up, tested, and was 41.  I just wanted to
> share, I thought this was funny.  Has anybody had dreams of being high?  

I have one "pattern dream" when I'm low (below about 60) and another when I'm 
high (over 180)...  the low dream pattern is usually a "recursive loop" where 
I keep repeating the same activity while trying to change it.   The high dream 
pattern is usually me dreaming about trying to repeat the something and being 
unable to get it the same way again...  These patterns sometimes match my 
concious behavior - during a low I may "lock" on some pattern like trying to 
test my bg  and when high I may get "fuzzy" and have trouble concentrating - 
almost like I've been sedated slightly... 

Randall P. Winchester
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