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[IP] Eating right with a pump

I am trying to lose about 35 - 40 pounds.  In the two weeks I have been on
the pump, I have dropped about 12 pounds. Now, before anyone gets their
knickers in a bunch over losing too much weight in a week's time, I know
that is not good. I am assuming that the quick drop is because I am no
longer forced to eat larger meals to cover insulin taken in the morning or
evening. I can eat until I am full and then stop.  Given another week or so,
I figure that the quick weight dropping will stop and I will get the
"opportunity" to lose weight because I want to lose it. My question is
this--I have had several people suggest the Atkins Diet, other low carb
diets, vegetarian diets, etc. It seems there is a different diet stressing
the benefits of any particular type of food you want to eat. I am seeing my
endocrinologist tommorow afternoon and would like to be able to take a
couple of ideas of meal plans into him to discuss the best one for me now
that I am on the pump. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Understand
that my appetite has dropped considerably, so the portions and daily
requirements cannot be extreme. Nor can they be so low that I can't cover my
basal insulin.  Thanks for your suggestions.  I'm not sure what you all do
about eating, so you can let me know through the list or just e-mail me
directly.  Thanks.

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