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[IP] hating infusion sets, re evil pump fairy

I'm with y'all!
 Last week, site out at 2 am, I was HI and so sick.
And these sites are driving me nuts! it's been 4.5
months and not improved. currently have sils and
micros, ahve used bent needles, rapids and regular sof
sets. Pulled mys ite out at school b/c it wouldn't
stop hurting, so far bg are fine even thoguh I"m
unattached b/c i bolusd for about 3 hrs off, so I am
fine for another hour. This is nuts. I'm going to
callMM< 2 months ago they were supposed to send a
trainer to my house and never ddi. I am also goign to
see if they can offer any set advice. If these probs
keep up forever, the pump is not going to be great,
and the sets affect my bg. Thuyrsday...set not
working, 450 at endo's office, Saturday, set not
working..384, yesterday changed my 2 day old set..put
a micro in m y stomach...286 at 9;30pm, 312 after a
correctoin an hour earlier. NOt fun. And then a sil in
my stomach at school...grrrr...and it only gets
easier, yeah right!

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