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[IP] Breakfast Woes

I have a question, someone mentioned that they add more insulin into the
equation when they eat bananas.  Do other people use carb ratios based on
what they are eating instead of what time of day it is?

I just started carb counting seriously in September to help facilitate being
put on the pump.  I will be starting early December. YIPPEE!  The problem is
I am a carb counting "expert" , as labeled by my nutritionalist, but my
ratios are still being figured out.  Actually they have kind of given up on
me figuring them out for MDI since I will start the pump in a few weeks.
However, I have to live with myself and my bgs until then so I want to
figure them out.  So remember that I am still on MDI while looking at these
number. :) 

My best bet is that my first drop on the second day was from too much H, and
the drops I see on both days later, are from too much NPH.  Or am I just
seeing things?  The results you see are pretty similar for the other times I
have had these same breakfasts.  Any help would be appreciated.

If I eat cereal and milk they aren't bad with a 1:9 ratio, but if I have a
FF breakfast they drop at 3hrs.  Other note is that I have a 1u:30 high/low
blood sugar correction and my goal is 150 right now. For example:

11/15  30g KIX (26g Carb)                  
	 2/3 cup Skim Milk (8g Carb)		186 bg - 150 = 36
	----------------------------        -----------------
		34g Carb / 9  = 3.8		36/30 = 1.2

	7:15am  :  186   (5.0u H)  
	9:15am  :  226
     10:15am  :  171
     11:15am  :  131
     12:15pm  :  102   (although this may be from my morning NPH)

11/16  2 FF Eggo Waffles (26g Carb)       
	 1/4 cup Lite Syrup (26g Carb)	117bg - 150 = -33
	 -----------------------------      --------------------
		52g Carb / 9 = 5.8             -33/30 = -1.1

	6:45am  :  117   (5.0u H) <MDI can't do .1s :) >
	8:45am  :  122
	9:45am  :  45    (150-45=105/30=-3.5*12=42g Carb to correct)<1:12
after breakfast>
     10:45am  :  112
     11:45am  :  42
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