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[IP] food warning???

Several people had this thread going:

>  > P.S.  Thanks for the warning about the Cap n Crunch!  Jeez!!!!!!
>  and bagels, and white bread and rice and pasta and pizza and let's
>  see...what else...chinese and mexican food....did I forget anything???
>  come on guys...surely there are more foods that jack up the BGs.

well...in my experience with diabetes (25+ years) everything I put in my 
mouth jacks MY blood sugar up - maybe you youngsters are different...tee hee. 
 In fact sometimes mere "situations" make my blood sugar go up...

The point is, you can not and never ever will be able to absolutely, without 
doubt or error, be able to control every single solitary aspect of this 
disease, and if you are dedicating your life to dissecting it bit by bit, 
then it will consume you and cause you and everyone around you to collapse 
into this little ball of twine and spit and chocolate chips!

I DO understand you are all trying to figure things out so that your lives 
and/or the quality of your children's lives will be the best possible, and I 
certainly applaud that and would never take away your right or choice to do 
that....BUT (there is always a but isnt there)

If it is a choice between 
A) minutely and exactly analyzing, weighing and getting scientifici 
breakdowns of every morsel you put in your mouth, and then worrying if you 
bolused correctly and then wailing in 3 hours that you're are slightly higher 
than anticipated, and saying you will never eat THAT food again cuz it is too 


B) make an educated guess about the carb count, take the bolus, test in 3 
hours and correct if necessary, 

Then I will take B.  I have a lot more to do, than wonder about the granules 
of sugar on the inside of my cereal, or whether the chocolate I licked off my 
finger was included in the initial bolus or if there were too many mini 
marshmallows in that packet of Swiss Miss, or HORRORS maybe I should "X" 
cap'n crunch off my list of foods cuz it causes an unpredictable spike in my 
bg.  Shoot, if the spike is gonna happen - then it isn't unpredictalbe...it 
is just the how much it is gonna spike that is the tough one.

Everyone is doing a great job..just don't forget to take time and LIVE every 
once in a while!  and as always YMMV

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