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Re: [IP] carb ratio/high am BGs dilemma


well...wouldn't you know...we are finally getting out of geneva's HIGH
periods.  I am coming to the conclusion that it all boils down to growth
with her.

all last week she was high and of course since she was eating a bunch of
refined flour products, I am thinking ....that is the problem.  last night I
just took the horse by the reins, so to speak and she came down with a bang.
then of course...she is running low.  so...I have to think that it isn't the
stupid food this time.

this morning I gave her an egg and whole wheat, trader joe's english muffin.
some milk.  some fruit.
we will see how she is this am in two hours.  will do same breakfast again

soooooo perplexing with a growing child.

I am becoming very enlightened by everyone's different experiences with
certain foods.  for future reference!!  many thanks.

mom to ten yr. old growing child

> << today, she had LIFE cereal with banana and milk.  now, I hardly would
>  thought this whole grain cereal would spike her ...but at 10:15 am, she
>  356.  she gave herself a bolus of 1.0 and was still 186 at noon!
>   >>

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