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Re: [IP] ER

>  While you were in the hospital - if you changed your sets, HOW?  

the old fashioned way...wipe with alcohol and bard and then pinch up some 

> did the hospital have your new sets?  

are YOU kidding?  they don't even have DEX tabs or 1/2 cc syringes - do you 
really think they are gonna have new fangled pump supplies - LOL. 

> you said you were there for 3 weeks.  
I was in NYU for one week.  I walked in myself with only a 1/2 full syringe 
in my pump, the meter and a jar of dex tabs, thinking all I had were 
cramps...While I was in ER, my endo came by with a vial of Humalog in case I 
needed it, but then he realized he didn't have me on Humalog, so he took it 
away again.  They finally admitted me at 3 am. I was fine with insulin in the 
pump since I was eating NOTHING...  The next day my roommate brought me some 
pajamas, my pillow and some pump supplies.

I continued to use my stomach while I was in NYU - they thought I had 
divetriculitus.  I think I did one site change during the week I was there...

When they discharged me, I was feeling better but still not good, but I was 
going to Chicago on business, and since I had missed the LA trip due to 
"diverticultis" there was no way I was gonna miss Chicago...two days before I 
left, I felt worse, if possible and went to the doctor who said i must have 
irritable bowel syndrome...irritable was a good way to describe me, but he 
gave me some pills...then the night before i left, he called and said, 
"uhhh...your white blood cell count is really, REALLY high.  I don't think 
you have irritable bowel syndrome, so please get these prescriptions filled." 

I went to Chicago on Saturday in HUGE pain...ALL the while pumping and 
testing and bg NEVER out of range...very easy to control your bg when there 
is NOTHING going in but dex tabs and apple juice!!!

By sunday night I could no longer stand the pain...and neither could anyone 
else around me, so I took a cab to Northwestern.  This time, I brought my 
pajamas and all my pump/diabetes stuff cuz I knew I was in for a bumpy 

I was admitted...tested, probed...are you SURE you aren't pregnant?  They 
thought maybe I had an ectopic pregnancy except that I hadn't had sex in, oh, 
8 MONTHS!!  They thought I might have a cyst, or a tumor...whatever it was, 
it showed up as "a baseball sized mass" in the CT scan (I wouldn't let them 
use the IV contrast for the CT scan since my kidneys are in a compromised 

So...they showed me how to do a colostomy bag and I called my daddy and asked 
him to tell Buddy to tell this list that I was in the hospital and needed a 
place to put my site while I was having my surgery...people on the list 
called me (they had in NY as well!!!!)  and I learned I could do the site in 
my leg, which I did.  I talked to the endo there as well as the anesthesia 
guy and even though the nurses HATED the fact that I wouldn't let them touch 
my stuff, the endo was supportive...good thing for him, eh?  

Anyway, I pumped through the surgery, where they opened me up from a few 
inches above my belly button to all the way down...leaving an ugly scar.  I 
was in the hospital there a week and then went to FL to recoop at my mom's 
and I continued to use my legs, just cuz i liked how well they worked.  
However, my legs are kinda lean and muscular, so i would get some big old 
bumps, so I don't use em that much any more

> Where'd you get your insulin?  Did you change your sets?

brought my own...did my own...would hate to think what would happen if I was 
even unconscious....I think I might add you guys to my medic alert card...in 
case I am unconscious a message needs to be posted on here and whoever is 
closest to me, cuz I travel a lot, can come change my sites for me....

>  Am concerned becuase the same thiing might happen to me.  

Don't leave home without strips, insulin and a site change...If you want the 
full story, go to the web site and look at digests from the end of January, 
through the end of February

*-)=B xoxx~~~~~~[507]
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