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Re: [IP] School & Blood Sugar Swings

email @ redacted wrote:

> This school is very big on ADD and when he is low - teachers have been saying
> he has ADD - well she started having him test his sugar - now she is very
> upset that the school has pushed ADD signs to look for that is all she was
> able to see. 

That's cause they've never FELT what it feels like to be high or low!!!! 
Non-diabetics really don't have a clue, unless they're willing to
believe and be educated.

The year before I went on insulin, I almost got fired (I'm a teacher)
because I was the BITCH from hell! And I use those words on purpose. Not
ONE of my Japanese 1 students signed up for Japanese 2!! (That was the
year that I went from "watch your diet" to sulfonylureas to insulin --
insulin was the magic bullet!).

I was paranoid, I was impatient, I was short, snappish and unpleasant to
be around. I'd as soon have bitten your head off as looked at you!

I've since apologized to those to whom I was so rotten, and they
uniformly have forgiven me because they do understand that I was very
sick, but I really wish I hadn't had to go through that!!!!

I think that the behavior problems are a MAJOR reason to get a pump --
abnormal BGs just don't feel good, and this poor child is SUFFERING! You
can't ethically diagnose ADD unless the child's health and emotional
needs are being met -- it's not impossible that Kap has ADD, but I sure
wouldn't jump to that conclusion as long as his BGs are swinging so
wildly! And when he IS having trouble, the teachers are probably pulling
their hair out, too, which creates a vicious circle!

You need to be a REALLY squeaky wheel, and get his doc to cooperate --
for a child, time just goes by TOO fast to be put on perpetual hold!!!!

Good luck! 
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