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[IP] Life Cereal & Glycemic Index


I've been doing some reading about Glycemic Indices and how they can affect
your blood sugar, insulin, weight, etc.

I looked up Life cereal in my book ("The Glucose Revolution, The
Authoritative Guide to the Glycemic Index") and its glycemic Index is 67
(relative to glucose, 100).  For comparison, white bread is 70, Corn Flakes
84, Frosted Flakes 55, Special K 54.  As I recall, when I ate Life raises
my bg quite a bit.  It's ironic that all the cereals my mom would not allow
into the house have much lower GI's than the cereals she would.  Who would
have known that the "Healthy" cereals were actually worse than the
unhealthy ones.

Just goes to show that all sugar is not evil.

You might want to consider what else Geneva is eating with that cereal.
Whole Milk has a low GI, 27, as does skim at 32.  Orange Juice is 46, which
really surprises me.  It's the combination of GI's that make up the overall
GI of the meal, so eating a cup of nonfat, artificially sweetened yogurt
(GI 14) might help, but it also depends on the total CHO grams vs. the
entire CHO of the meal.

This book makes interesting reading.  I recommend it.

Hope this helps, or at least give another possiblity to consider.

Barry "Bear"  W. Finch
Atlanta, GA, USA
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