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[IP] New to list/New Mini Med Soft Sets

My name is Andrea. I am 24 and have had diabetes since Feb 26, 1981 (almost 
19 years.) I just started pumping in June (mini med 507c) and love it! I 
finally feel like I have some control over my bloodsugars, and find it much 
easier to be flexible with my eating. 
In response to questions asked about a new set by mini med, it is not a 
silhouette set but a new sof set. It is exactly the same as the old one, 
except that the cannula is shorter. This is for smaller and leaner people. I 
called mini med and asked for a sample and they sent them out to me the next 
day. I liked them a lot. I am not especialy small or lean I don't think, but 
with the shorter one I find I can insert in more places (front and back).
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