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[IP] MM 508

Talked to my MM rep today (the CDE not sales staff).  
She said the price for the 507 will cange as of Dec 1.  
It will be the same as the 508.  This is to discourgae 
insurance companies from making patients get the old 
model if they want the new one.  The 507 will not be 
produced after Jan 1.

Asked her about the messages I've read about the 
problems some of you are having with the 508.  Her 
response was 

Batteries - the ones they sell are stronger than the 
ones we can buy in the local stores.  But we can use the 
local ones if we need last minute replacements.

Cases - the 508 leather case is designed to fit the 508 
and teh old case fits the old ones.  They are not 

Alarms - they weren't warned about the time change alarm 
either.  They will warn new customers to expect the 
alarm next spring.

What did I forget to ask her?  I am still trying to 
choose between the MM and the D.  My eating patterns 
seem to favor the square bolus, so I am leaning toward 
MM.  I hae until Jan 1 to make up my mind.  We can't 
order until my husband's cafeteria plan at work starts 
the new year.   And since waiting will save us $300 on 
incomme tax next year, we're waiting.

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