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[IP] 3:00 am...yawn

Hi Folks,

So, I made a positive posting about a  week ago, addressing a few
subjects that were buzzing around, and remarking on how wonderful things
have been going for Erica.  Haven't posted much in a long time.

For those of you who may have read my rambling, you might remember the
mention of the 'evil pump fairy' and that "whenever I say how well
things are going, something goes wrong" - evil pump fairy overhears our
happiness and decides to bring us down to earth:)

Sooooooo....pump alarm...no delivery A04...first one since pumping (8
months).....sugars in the mid 300's...woke her up....she woke me
up......then LO battery alarm.....3am....have to get up at
6:30am......waiting for Emla.....wish we had ElaMax in Canada.........

No more postings saying how great everything is!!!!

While I am waiting bleary eyed for the Emla to work (no the ice cubes
don't cut it for Erica), I will look in closets and under beds for the
'evil pump fairy' expel her from our home...but look out.....that means
she might be coming your way LOL!  Forgive me if she lights softly upon
YOUR pump <vbg>

Barb....Erica's very sleepy mom zzzzzzzzzzz

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