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Re: [IP] quick advice needed...

>okay.. it's now 1AM, and i'm totally exhausted... my bg is up to 99... so
>i think i'm just going to be hauling myself out of bed every hour or so,
>all night... i'll leave my 'puter on, so that i can complain about how
>much this sucks to all of my lovely IP friends....  bleh!

   Hi Jess. . . I am also up here at 1 am, testing blood sugars, though mine 
are not as high as yours.  I have been running pretty high as well for a few 
days . . .I wonder if I'm getting sick . . .oh well.  my last reading was 
188, an hour ago . . .we'll see.  hope you're doing OK and not too sleep 
deprived :)

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