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Re: [IP] quick advice needed...

In a message dated 11/15/99 10:43:33 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< 12:30    92   -here's the question...  i dropped like a rock from that
 corrective bolus, should i eat something else before i go to bed???  and
 why is it that murphy rears his ugly head every time i try to test my
 basals...  >>
You've probably gone to sleep by now, but here's what I've been doing with a 
low at bedtime.  One unit drops me about 40 pts, so consequently I've found 
that if I cut back my basal by that same one unit amount (I'll spread it over 
2-3 hrs with a temp basal) I'll raise it 40pts.  This has been more stable 
because I don't have to "guess" what the food is going to do at night.

The 120 g of carb could have taken awhile to digest and that could be why you 
got the rise later than expected.  I've had this happen with that size 
dinner.  I've had an easier time testing bgs if my night time dinner is the 
least amount I can stand without starving.

Best of luck,
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