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Re: [IP] carb ratio/high am BGs dilemma

In a message dated 11/15/99 4:41:24 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< today, she had LIFE cereal with banana and milk.  now, I hardly would have
 thought this whole grain cereal would spike her ...but at 10:15 am, she was
 356.  she gave herself a bolus of 1.0 and was still 186 at noon!

I find that with the Dawn Phenom thing and taking extra insulin in the am, 
its real important what I eat for breakfast.  The high-sugar fast acting 
stuff I've given up on in early ams, but not a problem later in the day 
(except they make me fat).

A problem I found lately was with oat bran I was eating for breakfast.  One 
"all natural" brand listed 1/4 dry cup as 20 carbs, and I was eating that and 
bolusing 1:7 ratio, exercising about 10:30-11am and was at 90 by lunch.  
About three weeks ago bought a different brand of oat bran that listed 1/2 
cup as 29 carbs (HUMMMM, comparing the two that math doesn't work).  Anyway, 
went by the label and bgs of course skyrocketed because carbs in second brand 
were way understated.

Who checks all these labels out and makes sure they are correct?  I think 
they are only a good starting point and I've had to work each brand/food out 
specifically for that one.

Good luck (and I know Geneva prob would hate oat bran!),
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