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[IP] quick advice needed...

okay.... hopefully someone out there will get this soon....  i need some
advice...  so, i was hoping to do a basal test tonight.... and so i ate
dinner really early....  (for me...) around 6pm...  becuase i was mucking
with my usual routine i forgot to check my bg before i ate...  i had 120g
carb of food that behaves as steady as a rock for me...  and i bolused 8u
of insulin (using my 15:1 ratio)...  i realized i had forgotten to check
my bg, so i tested as soon as i remembered (i.e. just as i finished
eating...)  at 6:32	243
7:25	176  -an hour later, i figure, okay... i just checked at a weird
point in my digestion of dinner.. things look okay....
8:59	151  -looks good
11:30	255  -this should have been when all of my humulog was finished
from dinner, and i could start basal testing...  i'm wondering if i'm
getting sick, cause i have a stomach ache, but i have no clue* where this
number came from...  i bolused 2u (1u to drop 60mg/dL correcting to 120)
and now
12:30	92   -here's the question...  i dropped like a rock from that
corrective bolus, should i eat something else before i go to bed???  and
why is it that murphy rears his ugly head every time i try to test my
basals...  it seems the only time i have highs, or lows, or i'm sick, is
when i've planned to do basal tests...  *sigh*

i'll be up until 1AM EST, but i'm curious if anyone has suggestions at
another time....


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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