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[IP] School & Blood Sugar Swings

I have been told by (2) ped/endo, counselors, and everyone else who seems to 
be an authority on diabetes that school performance and diabetes are not 
I had a meeting w/ vice principal and she couldn't understand after talking 
w/ son's CDE and the school nurse why my son was doing well in school as the 
girl - who was a straight A student.
No, I didnt not knock her out of the chair.  However, I did try in vain to 
show how my son's #s were from 580 - 40 in a days time. Not all days - but 4 
out of 5.  
Thanks to this site we have a new ped/endo (3rd one in a year) and will be 
pumping by Christmas -
These types of swings interfere with everything.
This school is very big on ADD and when he is low - teachers have been saying 
he has ADD - well she started having him test his sugar - now she is very 
upset that the school has pushed ADD signs to look for that is all she was 
able to see.  At least we now have 1 teacher who has been educated.  She will 
discussing this at the next teachers meeting.  (Kap does fall out of the bell 
curve when he has high blood sugars he gets very giggly not tired until after 
insulin is given and his #s are in range then he gets tired and sleepy.

Jumping up and down for the pump and will not stop until he has it - not a 
cure yet - but better than what he is getting now.
NPH just does not work for him (peaking time varies so much)
Thanks for listening! 
Darlene (mom to Kap) age 9 - soon to be pumper
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