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[IP] pumper software

Mike just started pumping last week.  I am frustrated by keeping the pump information, the meter information, the carb information, etc., etc., etc.  I have used software that downloaded from my AccuCheck Advantage from Medilife (I think they were bought out by someone) since Mike was diagnosed.  It is called PC Balance (or Balance PC, I never can remember!)  It downloads blood sugars from meter and has places for food diary.  It converts this information to graphs or tables.  I always fax or take in the graphs to the endo because they let me see the trends.  I can print out a graph for a week, month, quarter or year.  I can print it out according to all readings, or a certain timeframe, like pre-breakfast or bedtime.  It has been very helpful to log and document the different times of days as we are trying to set those basals.  

Although I like the program, it does not really meet my pumping needs.  The entries for insulin only accommodate injections.  Does anyone know of a better system out there.  I hate writing it all down, I want to download it form my little technological wonders of a meter and pump.  They can keep Mike alive, I want them to share their results with me too!

I would appreciate any reviews or comments other software.  We are to get the AccuCheck Complete and will probably try their software, but I would like to know if their are others.

Sue Cahill, mom of SIXSONS
Mike, 7 yrs, dx 1-97, pumping 11-99

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