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[IP] Nutritional values for your recipes-website info


>I've been looking into this MasterCook software. I have only one question,
I don't know about the Mastercook software but......
>Can you type in any recipe you have made and get
>the nutritional info  back??? That would be wonderful!!
I found a program that will do just that.
You can find it at SOFTSEEK.COM it is called "Recipe Calc 98" by Max Soft.
The address is quite long but I will give it to you anyway, others may want 
to check it out as well. You can try it free for 10 days and then you can 
pay $15 if you want to register it. Here it is: 

Sorry, I am kind of computer dumb and I don't know how to make this so you 
can just click on the address. You might find it easier just to go through 
SOFTSEEK.COM. Hope this is a bit of help!!

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