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[IP] Improving lifes- David

YES YES YES  the swings are under control, not 100% but atleast 90%!  I'm 
still in my glory and amazed at this little device.  I hope it continues for 
Matt, he too is HAPPY.  It makes dealing with this disease much nicer.  I 
almost said easier, but having a child with insulin dependant diabetes  is 
not easy, watching all he still goes through although since on pump, i don't 
think of his diabetes near as often as i used to.  I still have uneasy nights 
of sleep, but eventually i'll feel confident in myself and sleep through a 
night or two.  He's doing really well in school too!  This weeks report card 
time and i know he's on the Honor Roll!  Go Pump!  We love "HUEY"

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