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Re: [IP] carb ratio/high am BGs dilemma

Ruth -

The last time I had Life cereal, was the day my parents took me to the Doc's
for a routiine physical, and he said to my parents - very surprised - she's
got sugar
in her urine!  He asked me what I had eaten for breakfast, and my sister and
I got into a fight, becuase I thought one thing, and she thought another.
She said to me - you had
Life cereal with milk!  Not thinking anything of it, I went home and
probably conintued to
eat Life.  But, when I found how horrible my bg really was, I got out some
Life and looked at it - and it has sugar granules in the squares themselves.
Could it be that she's counting the carbs correctly, but perhaps
underestimating the value of the sugar?

I could be wrong - it's happened before.  Just an idea.  Good luck figuring
it out!


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