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[IP] carb ratio/high am BGs dilemma

need some help, dear folks.

geneva's basals are on target from wakeup until noon.  (0.5)

now, the problem that we are encountering, (which several others have
mentioned also)...is that numbers sometimes skyrocket into the 300's about 2
to 2 1/2 hours after certain breakfast foods and she needs an extra bolus to
get back down to a reasonable noon time level.

my question is this:

should we be adjusting her carb ratio ..or.. do a temp basal (or dual/square
wave number) for those few hours after the foods that spike her?

we are finding that white bread products are bad news.  as are the 'capn'
crunch' type cereals.  (corn based)

today, she had LIFE cereal with banana and milk.  now, I hardly would have
thought this whole grain cereal would spike her ...but at 10:15 am, she was
356.  she gave herself a bolus of 1.0 and was still 186 at noon!

mom to 10 1/2 yr. old geneva, who has been running REALLY high again.

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