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[IP] News (to me) re A1Cs

I had always believed A1Cs measured the previous 3 months of blood glucose
levels. Today mine was 6.4 -- a big improvement over the 7.3 of seven weeks
ago, but also rather surprising.

Looking for insight, I found a great link on the Insulin Pumpers home page:

http://www.faqs.org/faqs/diabetes/faq/part2/ (You'e got to scroll down to
find the questions re the A1C.)

I was surprised to read there that A1C actually only measures the previous 4
weeks' control -- and ESPECIALLY the previous 2 weeks. Given that news, my
low-ish A1C makes sense to me.

Thought I'd pass this along, since after 35 years I thought I knew just
about everything -- but didn't know this....


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