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Re: [IP] some pregnancy questions

Hi Christa,
It sounds like you've got a couple of real winner doctors, there.  My experience as a pregnant pumper was that trying to keep the post prandials below 100 could be VERY dangerous, especially during the first tri-mester when you're at an increased risk of going hypo.  I did keep very tight control during my pregnancies, but that just seems overboard.  Even non-diabetics go higher than 100 post prandially, I think.
As far as infusion set placement goes, when I got big I put the infusion sets on the sides of my butt, just below the hip.  My belly got pretty itcy towards the end, so I wanted to keep the infusion sets well out of harm's way.
I don't know what the normal range is for the AICs you cited, but it sounds to me like you're doing an excellent job!  Keep up the good work and feel free to email me privately if you'd like to chat. (email @ redacted)