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[IP] strange a.m. numbers

Over the last few days I have noticed a really strange pattern.Since it's 
only 10 days on the pump my basals are still being adjusted.The last 3 
mornings I have gotten up early to test my sugar and its been in the high 
200's so I have bolused about 3 units then went back to sleep. I wake up 
about an hour later and my sugar is even higher? So I then bolus for 
breakfast 14g CHO ( a fat free yogurt) but the last 3 days I havent been 
eating it because it takes about 3-4 hours for my sugars to be in normal 
range. So I am bolusing like 6-8 units in the am alot more than on MDI, but 
it's taking a few hours to work all of a sudden. Anyone have some advice here 
as to whats going on? My basals for now are 12am-7am=.4 and 7am-12am=.6. I am 
confused!! Thanks for all info!     Leesa  email @ redacted
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