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[IP] Re: Grief

Hello.  I have two questions for the group and I ask that you please respond 
to me personally at email @ redacted because I just can't bring myself to read 
EVERY digest that hits the emailbox!  First question, I am coming upon my one 
year anniversary of being diagnosed with Type 1.  I was in the hospital over 
Thanksgiving last year.  I am experiencing this one-year grief and depression 
and it really sucks.  How long should I expect it to last?  Second question, 
I know just a little about DKA.  At the beginning of October this year, I had 
a bg of over 400 when I woke up in the morning.  (That's unusual for me. I 
must've been naughty and had lots of cookies or something.)  Anyway, since 
that time I have noticed that my ears pop when my bg goes over 150, and when 
it's on the way back down and goes under 120 or so.  Is this normal?  Do you 
think the high bg and the ear popping are related?  Is it a symptom of DKA 
and I'm walking around not knowing I'm sick?  Again, if you could please 
write to me at email @ redacted rather than (or in addition to) posting, that 
would be extremely helpful.  Thank you ALL for your support.
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