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[IP] WOW again!

The doctor emailed me some basal adjustments and a change in my bolus
algorithm today. This evening after supper I had the following readings:  1
hour - 170   2 hours - 140    3 hours - 126.  AMAZING!! In over two years I
was not able to do that with MDI. If my 1 hour and 2 hour readings were good
I was way too low later. If I was not to go too low later I had to accept
220 to 250 at 1 hour and 200 at 2 hours. My God this is amazing. This is the
first "proof" I have had personally of how well pumping works. I'm tempted
to put on my dancing shoes and do an Irish Jig around the cabin. Would this
count as exercise? Heh heh heh.

Thanks for listening.

David Dougherty

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