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[IP] Sara's ER ending

Natalie wrote:
>  So you didn't tell the ending! Was it a perforated bowel??   
>  Breathlessly waiting for the answer!

nah...for the first two weeks the NY doctors thought I had diverticulitis, 
and then irritable bowel syndrome...it wasn't until I went to Chicago on 
business that they decided they needed to open me up - my white blood cell 
count was too high for either of those two diagnosis...and found an abscess 
on my appendix, which was also not hanging down the way they are supposed to 
which makes them easier to diagnose with a simple CT scan...oh no, everything 
with me is a DRAMA...my appendix was wrapped around my intestines and facing 
backwards...retro illyial something something appendicitis, and I guess it 
exploded when they tried to take it out..LOL - like I to think my appendix 
was as difficult as I am!

Sara       *-)=B xoxx~~~~~~~~~[507]
(FYI: this is my emoticon, which shows my blood filled eye, my cute grin, 
nice long neck, droopy boobs, the scar around my belly button and my 507, 
currently attached with 43" tubing!)
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