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[IP] static electricity

I am on Digest and snipped the following:
>First, I have had three alarms go off on mine - ever.  But, per the book,
>you are to clear out the alarm, and if it recurs, then call MM. I
>have only had to call them once, even though I've had two that recurred.
>I had an A57 (?memory), that happened once, and didn't recur after
>being cleared (it turned out to be a software fault - probably due to
>static electricity during a bike ride). 
MY COMMENT is about the static electricity that will be occuring more in the wintertime with heating units drying out interiors due to lower humidity. I recycle my used fabric softener sheets by cutting them in thirds and placing one inside my pump case(s). This helps to absorb the static keeping it from going into the pump. I also have about 50 different colored (whatever I can find) coin purses or cigarette cases that zip. I place a key ring in the zipper pull and put my belt through the ring. This is a color-coordinated *pocket* for my pump, as well as swinging freely from my waistline. When I wear yellow, etc., so does my MM507c. Most people think it is a coin purse or swinging *fanny pack.*
Jan - age 60, T-1 11/50, pumping 16 years. 8^)