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[IP] what happens when you MISS something on IP


Lots of people want to see the excellent letter written by Steven that caused 
the whole ugly ruckus...several peeople requested that Ruth re-post her carb 
count for candy...someone wrote about missing the question about glucophage, 

Michael has OUR web site set up so WE don't have to clog the list with 
requests like this!  You can simply go to the web site, click on the search 
button and find whatever you are looking for!!!  Go look up YMMV to find out 
what that means, go look up "Hospital 101" if you want my hospital adventures 
at NYU and Northwestern; go look up "Velosulin" if we are talking about it 
and you are lucky enough not to have had diabetes long enough and been on a 
pump long enough to know what it is...etc.

Ths is not to say we don't want to answer questions, and there are no dumb 
questions, of course, We all like to help each other, but requests like this 
are so easy to solve yourself?  

Sara who is really caught up with digest today and hopes to keep it that way!
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