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Re: [IP] some pregnancy questions

I have few questions for the group as I am entering my second trimester.  So far my A1C's have been 5.6 pre-pregos and 4.8 since conception.  I have had alot of reactions but i guess that is the price I must pay for good control.  I get so aggravated with doctors and dieticians who look at a weeks worth of data and pick out the one post prandial that wasn't in range.  I have a dietician who does not know type 1 or the pump but my endo has asked that i see her anyway - I should refuse but it's my first pregnancy and feel like i should go by the books.  Also this one OB- out of 8 in my practice does the same thing with the numbers - she wants every number to be below 100 - not easy but I get pretty close - she never has anything postive to say  - and she is diabetic - I just wanna say to her  - so what ere YOUR A1C's while you were pregnant - but I won't - and I'll pray she won't be the one delivering with me!  Well my real reason for w! riting - besides to complain!  Was to ask where all you women out there put your sites as your belly grew - I have tended to use above my belly button and below rotating in sets of four but son below the belly button will not be an option!  Any input or overall words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!


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