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Re: [IP] Pumping and Pizza

I started pumping on Oct. 7, and last night was the first time We had
pizza,  I'm curious what bolus method most list members haved used  when
eating pizza,   What works best,  The "DUAL WAVE BOLUS" or  The "Square
wave bolus"    I tried the dual wave ,  I used 14 units of humalog , 7units
at dinner and 7units spread over a 3 hour period!!!!!!!   We starting
eating at 5:30 PM ,when I took my BG at 9:30PM it was 193 My target range
is 140,  I ate 4 Peices of pizza !!!!!    I take 1unit of Humalog for every
7 grams of carbs   { I figure that pizza was about 6.5 carbs,  2.5 more
than I usually eat at dinner!!!!!    ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED 

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